About Us

Jessore Road pays tribute to the first generation of immigrants that travelled from the Indian subcontinent to make their homes in the United Kingdom. Leaving their ancestral homelands, with nothing other than the clothes on their backs and a tiffin in their hands, they set off along the Jessore Road. Slowly heading towards the port of Calcutta, they would refill their tiffins at the various hill stations scattered along the road and share hopes and dreams with fellow travellers of what they would do once they gained passage to the motherland.

Taking our name from the road on which our forebears journeyed on, we share with you the very meals they carried in their beloved tiffins. Taking a full day to prepare, and using family recipes that have been passed from one generation to the next, our meals are unique to anything you have ever experienced from the typical fast food eateries. 

These are the meals our mothers made.